Instagram No Longer Forcing Crop-To-Square

By: Amy Cooper, Acronym Creative Studio

There is no longer a reason to say "Oh, I had to crop your logo off my photo to make it fit my profile picture" or "Instagram wouldn't let me keep it there," because now Instagram will be updating it's app to support full photo sharing. 

The squares will still be allowed, but if you're having a professional photo done and it has a watermark, most of us would love you keeping our watermark there, because hey, that's how we get more business and following. 

So, we speak for the rest of the photographers out there when we say "IT'S ABOUT TIME, INSTAGRAM!"  The change is said to be migrating as we speak, so it's only a matter of the next few days that we should have the new versions. 

Now we will be able to delete some of the apps we have like Square-Sized and #Square, because it's all in one.

Now, if they would only make toggling between accounts easier by setting it up like Twitter...