You're kind of a big deal. 

If you're recieving this link, it's because you are a part of the Detroit / Ferndale industry. You are part of the up and coming growth of Metro Detroit becoming better than ever before, and for that - promoting is a must. 

Not only do I, as ACRONYM, a News / Media / Photography outlet want to become allies with you and offer to provide you service, I want to make sure that we all lift each other up. 

This is a one-time only deal that I am offering, as I'm just beginning to add sponsored affiliates and ads on my website,, and I want to invite you to become part of it as it increases traffic. I happen to incur thousands of impressions via Social Media, and thousands in Google Analytics within the first month of launching the collaboration of News / Media with ACRONYM's Photography initiative. The other plug for these ads is the weekly Instagram feature called #OriginDetroit, in which I will share and tag each featured member, which expands the reach of your ad. I will also tag your businesses in the social post for that weekly feature, saying that your brand has "sponsored' that post for the week. 

This initiative is taking off pretty quickly, so the question is, do you want to be on the plane when it does?

Would You Like An Ad?: 
There will be 3 of your ads on the site with my program. One on the main page that rotates with other ads, one that will be inside a story post, and one larger, more explanatory ad in the sponsored affiliates page.

You can pay for a year in full for $36, or, you can pay $5 a month ($60 a year once multiplied). Obviously, a full year is a better deal. I don't plan on running this deal at these rates past the end of February, so if you're interested, it's time to jump on the plane!

If you are a super small biz, or haven't created ad space before, I also offer that service. My rate for a 3 Logo Mock Up is $75. You get 3 high resolution logos to choose from, and I can build your ad to your specifics. Otherwise, just send me your ad, and I'll pop it into the site, and start recruiting more business in a cost effective way!

If you are interested in any package, would like to talk more about it, or would like to reach out to me for other services such as reviewing your space, giving away concert tickets, or doing an interview, please reach out at

Ad Space Monthly
$5.00 Per Month
(Assigned Through Patreon Monthly Billing)

Ad Space Year Fee
(Ads Up To $3 A Month - HUGE DEAL!)

Ad Creation & Ad Space
$75.00 + Plan Choice
(Monthly Or Year)

To view examples of my design work, please click the button below: